Conservatives release new Environment Policy

Read the full new Conservative Party Environment Policy here.

Canada must not ignore the reality of climate change. It is already affecting our ecosystems, hurting our communities, and damaging our infrastructure.

As the world continues to mobilize to meet this challenge it will inevitably lead to change. This will present challenges for Canada but also opportunities if we are smart. If we are to secure our future, we must be prepared for both.

Increasingly, the world will be demanding cleaner products and investors will be demanding to see real efforts to lower emissions. Fortunately, Canada is well-placed to compete in this world. All it needs is a government that is focused on helping Canadians succeed in every sector and in every region of the country.

We will fight climate change and protect the environment, but we won’t do it on the backs of working Canadians or by hurting the economy. Canadians can’t afford Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax hike.

Carbon pricing should not result in Canadians sending billions of dollars of new tax revenue to the government - revenue which it will be increasingly tempted to spend.

 To reach our goal, we’ll work with the provinces, to give Canada the best chance to be a leader in climate action. We’ll bring the provinces together to talk about the next steps in climate action and how we can work together to meet Canada’s goal. This is the plan we put to the provinces as a federal partner.