PRESS RELEASE: MP Marilyn Gladu responds to Throne Speech



SARNIA, ON—MP Marilyn Gladu says while the Throne Speech contains noble ideas, there is still a lot of concrete work that needs to be done and action that needs to be taken to address the problems plaguing Canada.


“The COVID-19 pandemic has had immense costs, both literally and figuratively. We are a nation grieving, but we cannot sit idly by in our homes and continue to ‘wait it out’ without action. The Trudeau government still owes Canadians an explanation for why it did not decide to  implement border controls more quickly, for the flip-flopping on masks, and for the length of time it has taken approve and increase our testing capacity as well as rapid tests. We need to consider every available tool to allow Canadian lives and Canadian livelihoods to get back on track.”


MP Gladu says, “While the words are welcome that the government is going to support Canadians throughout the continuation of the pandemic, their track record on approving measures leaves much to be desired.”


While there are many items that MP Gladu would support in the Throne Speech (e.g., supports for mental health, addressing the opioid crisis, help for the disabled, affordable housing), it once again sounds like the same rhetoric from the 2015 Throne Speech, which ended up being all talk, and no action.


“I am pleased to see the Liberals mention their promise to raise OAS for seniors over the age of 75 and to increase CPP survivor benefits, as these campaign promises have filled many constituents with an as-yet unfulfilled hope. I was also pleased to see the support included for regional airline routes, so places like our region of Sarnia-Lambton can benefit from air travel and connectivity, after our service was cut off by Air Canada.”


“I am also glad,” MP Gladu says, “to see the protections for women included in the Throne Speech— childcare is absolutely vital for the return-to-work effort, and many families will benefit from a national childcare strategy. Once again, we need more than words.”  


“I look forward to returning to Parliament and ensuring you hear more in the coming days,” MP Gladu says.