PRESS RELEASE: MP Marilyn Gladu supports Conservative motion to create a plan to safely end lockdowns

Mar. 23, 2021



Sarnia, ON—MP Marilyn Gladu supports Conservative motion to create a plan to safely end lockdowns

Today, Canada’s Conservatives introduced the following Opposition Day motion:

Given, that:

(i) COVID-19 restrictions have had serious economic and mental health impacts on Canadians,

(ii) COVID-19 restrictions have been advised by the federal government, including specifically by the Prime Minister on three separate occasions in November of 2020, as temporary measures to alleviate pressure on the public healthcare system,

(iii) public health tools, such as rapid tests, shared data on how COVID-19 spreads and vaccines, have not been positioned as permanent solutions to replace COVID-19 restrictions by the federal government, including in areas of federal competency like air travel and border restrictions,

(iv) the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom have both released public plans for economic reopening, while Canadian officials have not yet given Canadians clarity on when regular economic and social life will be able to resume,

the House call on the government to table within 20 calendar days, following the adoption of this motion, a clear data-driven plan to support safely, gradually and permanently lifting COVID-19 restrictions. 

MP Marilyn Gladu fully supports this motion, as it is clear Canada needs a concrete plan to reopen and recover, following the devastating COVID-19 pandemic

“Here in Sarnia Lambton, we have seen that small businesses and restaurants have no more runway. If there is no plan to exit these lockdowns, they will not survive. For many this is their life’s savings and their life’s work that will come to an end without a plan to re-open,” says MP Gladu.

As we have seen with Sarnia-Lambton’s economy and citizens continuing to suffer under the lockdown designation, it is clear we are out of time, and we need to act now to allow our businesses the best chance to recover.

Also of importance locally is the issue of the Bluewater Bridge Canada-U.S. border. We have now faced movement restrictions with our neighbours to the South for more than a year. A year of normal life for Sarnia-Lambton residents disrupted, with friends and loved ones going unseen and properties deteriorating from neglect.

“As vaccinations, rapid testing and immunity increase, we must work with our closest neighbour to develop a plan to re-open the border. This will allow families to re-connect, Canadians to attend their U.S. properties and life to return to normal,” says MP Gladu.

This Conservative motion to call upon the government for a plan in 20 days is of paramount importance.