PRESS RELEASE: MP Gladu responds to Fall Economic Statement 2020

Dec. 1, 2020


Ottawa, ON— MP Marilyn Gladu says she is dissatisfied with the fall economic statement released by the Liberals on Monday.

“Overall, I am disappointed in the fall economic statement. The government plans to spend half a trillion (yes, trillion) dollars by the end of 2021. Although there are many good things in the statement, I don’t have a lot of confidence that many of them will be implemented, and implemented correctly.

For example, the Liberals have been talking about pharmacare since 2002, and there’s still nothing really being done there. They also promised to plant two billion trees several years ago, and not one tree has been planted. If you can’t plant a tree, I’m worried about implementing complex systems.

I was happy to see that the government has re-promised to address boil-water advisories on reserves, but they promised this in 2015 when they had a majority government— so why is it not done?

What I really didn’t see is a plan to restore the economy, nor a plan to address the pandemic. Airline businesses, tourism businesses, and energy sector businesses have all expressed disappointment with this economic statement. I will continue to advocate for our businesses and make helpful suggestions to address pandemic issues.”