Stop Bill C-10

Stop Bill C-10

Like all of the Liberals’ policies under Justin Trudeau, Bill C-10 is a poorly thought-out piece of legislation that will have a tidal wave of consequences for everyday Canadians, first and foremost curtailing their freedom of speech online.

Canadians can see the Liberals’ efforts to give the CRTC policing powers to “oversee” user-generated content, giving them the power to “order take-downs of online content it deems objectionable.”

By what right can the Liberals or the CRTC judge whether someone’s content is “objectionable?” Who made the Heritage Minister the arbiter of “acceptable” content?

A former CRTC Commissioner says it is a full-blown assault on the foundations of democracy, and Conservatives will not stand for it. I will stand up for Canadians’ freedom of speech.

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